Travel Ready

A few months ago, when I was still coming home to a bedroom and toasty bed of my own after a long day of work or play, it dawned on me that I could feel my soul being drawn towards another winter filled with activity specific travels that would carry me across the west.

Having spent a very similar winter in 2009/2010, the countless bitter cold mornings are still fresh in my mind. The stinging sensation which radiated across  my face is still fresh in my mind. I can still see the rather large ice chunks that spilling into my percolator as I sat in the vestibule of my tent impatiently awaiting the first cup of warm coffee. That winter I spent a significant portion of my time high in the Rocky Mountains and Eastern Sierra, now two years later I have a slightly warmer plan of attack.

After spending nearly two weeks climbing and unwinding in Joshua Tree, California, I finally made my way further south into for a family visit and hopeful execution of my dream to turn the trusty 4Runner into a mobile climbing/sleeping super vehicle. Thanks to the architectural genius of my mother and some dirty grunt work on my part, the dream of an organized and warmer “mobile” home was actualized. Well, it wasn’t exactly THAT easy. I do believe there was some struggles with plywood, splinters were acquired, blood was shed, and a few choice words may (or may not) have slipped out of my mouth in frustration with the new Yakima roof rack.

The end product though has turned out more extraordinary, functional, and aesthetically pleasing than expected.

While the bulk of the project is now complete, I anticipate modifications to occur after I hit the road. Speaking of road, I have spent three full nights in the comfort of a cozy house and I feel the new toy must be tested….pronto!

2 thoughts on “Travel Ready

  1. I love the picture of the back of the 4Runner. It reminds me of such good times in the Cherokee w/ Forrest (fiance) and Sprocket (the dog).

    I can’t wait to follow your journey.

    1. Hi Beth!

      Thanks for the comment! I am beyond excited to have my car organized (finally)! Love your blog as well. Look forward to following your new adventures in Idaho. What a great cabin and Sprocket is absolutely adorable!


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