Past, Present, Future…

Some of you may have followed my escapades in another life and some of you may only be stumbling upon this resurrected blog at this moment in time. It has been a lifetime ago since I have even fathomed bringing back this blog and so much life has happened in between the last time we met and now. Since my days of dirtbagging out my old 4Runner in the mountains of southwest Colorado and the North Cascades I found myself exploring the desert southwest.

My time in the southwest resulted in an addition and loss of one dear member of my adventurous family. Over the last two years I became mom to an amazing little boy; I completed my two degrees, and found a niche in the healthcare field, and lost my beloved furry travel companion, Sienna. The changes have all been drastic and beautiful. I became consumed by the first years of motherhood and began finding my way back to my roots about a year ago when I moved the family to Flagstaff, Arizona to return to a piece of mountain life.

Bringing adventure back into my life in a new form with this new life by my side has been an experiment most days. Here we are though!

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