Breathe Magazine

Fall 2010

Campfire Cuisine

While reconnecting with nature often means getting dirty and creating memories that last a lifetime…(read more)

Summer 2010  

Surf’s Up, Betty Style

There is something about summer that awakens the spirit and induces a sense of wanderlust. …(read more)

Inside Outside Magazine

March 2010

Travels into the Depths of the Gila Wilderness: The Jordan Hot Springs

Just north of Silver City, N.M., across forested ridgelines and reachable by State Highway 15, lays the mystical Gila Wilderness, a pristine wild that beckons the souls of solitude seekers. … (read more)

 August 2010 

Breathless in the Jeeping Capital of the World

As the morning sun crested over the nearby mountains, I watched visitors filter in and out of the several jeep tour establishments that line 7th Avenue in downtown Ouray, Colo. In minutes I felt well-traveled, hearing German, French and Spanish fill the morning air…(read more)


Dirtbagger Diaries – Weekly Column

Six months ago I was living in Baltimore after making a move 2,500 miles across the country away from my beloved west; leaving behind all that I had called home for most of my life…(read more)